QuestionsCategory: WomenGuidelines for the Role of Women and Work
Yusuf asked 2 years ago
Asalaamua'laikum Mufti Wahaj, May Allah bless you for creating an avenue for people to ask questions to the ulema. I had a question regarding women, what does Islam say about their role in society? I have heard many different opinions regarding this. Is it haraam to want your daughter to have a career? How can one balance raising children and having a career if they are woman? Is going into medical fields like surgery, anesthesia, and radiology permissible for woman?  In the context of raising daughters, what should one teach them about having a career? JazaakAllah
Mufti Wahaaj replied 2 years ago

I apologize for the late response. I was out of the country. InshaAllah, answer will be posted soon.