tawheed center


Tawheed Center Guidelines for Visitors

  • All Visitors to the masjid must wear a Face Mask upon entering the building. Please bring your own Face Mask and Prayer Mat
  • All visitors to the Masjid should follow all the CDC guidelines.

For details visit https://www.cdc.gov 

  • Please refrain from coming to the Masjid, If you are a high-risk person for COVID-19, If you have symptoms of COVID-19, are immunocompromised, have pre-existing conditions, or had exposure to a COVID-19 patient
  • Bring a plastic bag to keep your shoes with you
  • Pray only at the marked spots in the Suff to maintain Social Distancing
  • Wudu should be performed at home
  • The recommended age for visitors: Adults till age 65
  • Refrain from socializing, shaking hands and giving hugs
  • Masjid will be open for salah only, all other activities are restricted for the time being 
  • Masjid management reserves the right of refusing entry to those not abiding by these safety guidelines


The Shura appreciates the community’s patience and understanding while we work thru this unprecedented event with the primary goal of the safety of your family, yourself, our community and masjid as our main concern. 

In an effort to keep the community updated regarding the Novel Corona virus and measures to prevent and manage the infection, the following link is to the Centers for Disease Control website. Please click here to continue…