tawheed center

Community Service

Soup Kitchen: 

Every third Saturday of the month, food pantry is open to distribute food for the needy from 10:00am to 2:00pm. If you are in need, please avail this service.

Health check: 

Free health check is available to Muslims and non-Muslims alike during our health fair. This health fair includes a comprehensive Physical as well as routing blood work to check your blood levels of Sugar, cholesterol and any abnormalities.

Food Bank and Distribution (Zakatulfitr): 

On an annual basis (during Ramadan), Tawheed Center organizes a food drive where money collected as ZakatulFitr from many Masjids in the local metropolitan area is pooled and food is purchased and distributed to needy Muslims in the Detroit Metro area. Volunteers start around 10:00 AM in the morning at the Sam’s Club located in Farmington Hills and they load up trucks with food and they go on distributing food to 500-1000 families in the Metro area. Those who would like to volunteer can come to the Club mentioned above. The date will be posted at our home page every Ramadan.

Community Service Hours:

We also offer community service hours to students who needs hours for the school and for others who may need it for whatever reason, including those who would like to Dante their time fii-sabeelillah. Please contact us via our email or meet our custodian in person at the Masjid to facilitate this.


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