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Rules for the competition

Ages 7 – 9 can choose anything they want from the topics provided.Ages 10 – 12 and 13 – 16 will draw lots and speak on the topic provided for 1-2 minutes. If you draw a topic that you are not comfortable with, you’ll be given another chance to pick from the lot with a penalty of 15% of the score. Ages 11 and above will also draw lots and if you opt to pick again, the penalty will be 25% of the score

Topics for the competition

Age Group 7 to 9 Years

1.My favorite Salah and why

2. Things NOT to do in Ramadan

3. Prophet Mohammed SAWS

4. Charity in IslamRights of neighbors

5. Rights of parentsCharacter of a Muslim

6. Your favorite Prophet story and why

7. Sunnah of eating and drinking

8. Your favorite Hadith and why

Age Group 10 to 12 Years

Inspirational Women in Islamic History (Your choice of 1 woman)

Science and Islam

Why is any addiction bad for you? An Islamic stand point

Age Group 13 to 16 Years

COVID-19. An Islamic perspective

Obesity – An Islamic / Sunnah based perspective

Drugs and alcohol – What can you as a teenager do to combat it

Screen Time (Smartphones / TV etc.) – Do you see this as a problem? What can you do about it?

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