2022 Tawheed Center Election Timeline

  • 27th October – Election announcement
  • 4th November – Nomination form deadline (Must be postmarked by this date, form available online)
  • 11th November – Midnight Nominee withdrawal deadline (written email must be sent to the chair)
  • 15th November – Election committee to mail out ballots to the members
  • 30th November – Ballot submission deadline (must be post marked by this date)
  • 10th December – Election committee to count ballots and report results to Board of Directors

For any questions please contact Election Committee

Shafath Ali Mohammed (Chair) – 732.900.4526

Arfaat Khan – 313.399.9923

Mohammad Usama Toseef – 313.603.6820

Abdul Majid – 248.476.8690